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About Us


CODEVILLE is a small IT company based in India, specializes in developing enterprise business application softwares. At Codeville, we care about our clients growth, aiming to deliver high quality software solutions and IT services to our customers, adapting to customers swiftly changing requirements.


We offer most cost friendly and highly robust services in the market. We backs each project development with a dedicated tester having the project domain knowledge. We follow project documentation very strictly and believe in transparent communication. We also aids with great UI and UX design services for your application and can also help maintain the client's website, thus providing the complete services package to the clients so that they can save both money and time.


Our SDLC processes are tailored to our client's requirements and standards. We follow strict Documentation, different types of documents, charts and Coding standards. For client communication, we adapt to the methods and timing which are convenient with the clients.

The Software Requirement Specification(SRS) document is prepared based on client's business requirements. The document is reviewed until it is approved by the client.
  • Listing the initial requirements
  • Cost and Resource estimation.
Low level Architecture Document is prepared which describes the functionality and workflow of the proposed system. It may also include layouts, system diagram, test cases and other related information.
At this stage, the actual coding of the application is done according to the Software requirement Document and Software Architecture Specifications. Once the specific functionality/module is complete, unit testing is carried out for the same.
Rigorous testing is carried out at this phase to make sure the application meets the functional requirements and if free of any bugs/issues. We aim at delivering the applications which are 100% error free and performs flawlessly..
  • Release : Once all the modules are successfully integrated and tested thoroughly, the application is good to release and deploy.
  • Maintenance : Next we start the preparation of user documentation and manuals and the users are trained to use the application.
  • Evolution : Once the Customer gives his Acceptance , the project is closed and archived for reference.The phase ends with recording the customer feedback.


CODEVILLE is run by young minds with experience and expertise in in almost all IT related technologies.

Software Development: Delphi, C#.net and VB.net.

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, AJax, Bootstrap, XML, ASP.net and CMS tools like Wordpress and Joomla.

Mobile Development: Native Android , ios, Windows, Xamarine etc.

Database Technologies: MS SQL Server, MysQL, MS Access, Oracle, Interbase/Firebird, Postgres,and other database technologies.

IDEs: Embarcadero Delphi, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans etc.

Design Tools: Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator,Dreamweaver, Coreldraw.

Expertise Level

Software Development
Website Design and Development
Mobile Application Development
Digital Marketing
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